1 Income reports and Adsense earnings of few top Indian Bloggers

Blogging has changed a lot in recent times after the advent of Google AdSense. People started to make fortune out of their blogs by AdSense and many other means. I am mentioning AdSense in particular because a blogger has most of his income part from Adsense and to get an account from Adsense also became very tough because of the fraudulent nature of many users. Many people still doubt whether blogging really pays. But after my quick survey on some of the blogs I got to know that some people even after completing IIT and settled with a white collar job resigned their jobs because the income which they get from blogging is far high than their salaries. So I want to share some of the income figures posted by some of the Indian bloggers in their blogs. But for you to adopt a career as a blogger needs lot of time it is not an overnight business it does needs lot of expertise in this area.

Income Report of Amitbhawani :
Amitbhawani is a hyderabadi settled blogger who makes a awesome amount of money through his blog. His blog is having a really cool theme and lots of tech stuff. His blog has a good number of visitors and on request of his visitors Amit Bhawani has posted his Income report in the month of June 2010 which is $14,115.
Income from Blog : $14,115
Income only from Adsense : $7,790
Income Report Proof : Click Here

Income Report of Harsh Agarwal for Shout me loud :
Shout me Loud is also a tech oriented blog which drew some millions of visitors. The owner of the blog Harsh Agarwal has also quoted his income figure in one of his post to be $8642 this Income report was posted on March 31, 2011 by Harsh himself. This Delhi based bloggers income report has inspired many people to start their own blog.
Income from Blog : $8,642
Income only from Adsense : $1450
Income Report Proof : Click Here

Income Report of Jaspal Singh for Save Delete :
Jaspal singh an mechanical engineering graduate has started of his own blog named Save Delete. This blog has sucessfully made its entry into top Indian blogs within a short time. This blog has posted down its income report in June 2010 by Yogesh Mankani who is a co blogger with Jaspal and he released their blogs income to be $4845.
Income from Blog : $4845
Income only from Adsense : $4,221
Income Report Proof : Click Here

Income report of Keith Dsouza for Techie Buzz :
Techie Buzz one of the top Indian technology blog run by Keith Dsouza is also generating good amount of traffic. This blogger posted his Income report way back in May 2009. He reported his income to be $3861.5. I think if you could be pretty innovative in writing a post useful to the visitors you could end up your full time profession and become a blogger. He wasn't comfortable posting this income report but at least it inspires some.
Income from Blog : $3861.5
Income only from Adsense : $1,644.13
Income Report Proof : Click Here

Income Report of Dinesh for Daily Blog Money :
Daily blog money is one of the blogs founded by Dinesh who give tips on monetizing and also earning. According to his post on May 2nd 2011 his income report for April 2011 was $1496. He runs his blog on genesis framework.
Income from Blog : $1496
Income only from Adsense : $862.54
Income Report Proof : Click Here

Income of Amit Agarwal for Labnol :
If you are an online species you would have some where ended in his blog once or twice for some reason. He is a blogger who really made blogging his profession leaving his full time career. Many people wanted to know his income report but he hadn't given exact numbers but left us some clues to caluculate. Of course the clues are not enough for quoting an accurate figure but only an estimated number. So what ever it is he in his blog told he has bought a car by what he got while blogging.
Check the Link where Amit Told something about his Income : Click Here

That's all for now their are still many blogs who do earn handsome money but I revealed only them which I could get my eye upon. Their are some bloggers who draw 6 figure incomes too. Timothy Sykes, Darren Rowse, Michael Dunlop etc are few who reap millions from their blogs.

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  1. That's really great list. dont know that savedelete is an Indian blog.

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