0 Top 9 guesses for upcoming events of the royal wedding.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Photo

Top 9 guesses for the upcoming events on the royal wedding.
  1. The next thing people would do is start searching for secret honeymoon arrangements of the married royal couple. (This had already set some trends before, but now the peak stage for the search will be reached)
  2. Time magazine will have its cover with a photograph from any part of the event.
  3. Twitter and face book will be busy with people posting some fake rumors of the honeymoon venue.
  4. Almost all the newspapers of tomorrow in all countries will be colorful with marriage photos of the royal wedding in their main pages.
  5. Many bloggers will be in search of wedding photos to post them in their blogs. (even I too did)
  6. Prince Harry will be the next busiest topic and most searched.( people will start searching for his girlfriend)
  7. You tube will have many videos of the royal wedding downloaded and uploaded.
  8. Guest list, Wedding cake, wedding dress, wedding ring etc will be some of the hot searches for next few hours.
  9. Sarah Burton the wedding dress designer would be very happy for she had become very famous because of this event people will start searching her too.
So after waiting for long time Prince William and Kate Middleton are Married Today.

Marraige Photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Some things which caught my attention on the wedding event:
  • Many websites started to give updates and live streaming links for the wedding. Some blogs even posted that there was a record break in the online viewers. The live streaming had more than 2 lakh visitors at a time.
  • Many websites look like twitter posting the latest news from time to time.(Look some images below)
Twitter like posting
One website posting events time to time.
Busy posting events of the wedding
Another Website giving live coverage of events.
  • Channels which aired Live Coverage: Channel 7, Channel 10, Sky, BBC, ABC, CNN, BBC World and Fox News.
  • Being the designer for Kate Middleton's wedding gown Sarah Burton had to suffer a good number of searches on the net most of the searches were from their home country United Kingdom.
  • Twitter was the busiest website over the past one month having around 8 lakh tweets averaging about 30,000 per day just following this was the facebook which nearly had 3 lakh updates on the royal wedding. Almost 1 lakh blogs were busy in giving some information or other about this wedding.
  • YouTube most visited video sharing site had 3,873,902 views for the royal wedding channel. This channel had got good numbers today. YouTube logo too changed.
  • Youtube Logo Youtube ranking for royal wedding
  • Google changed its homepage with a royal scene.
    google changed homepage as per the wedding
  • All the news websites and blogs are posting something or other about the wedding.
  • Twitters Home page
  • Even some people felt unhappy for missing the wedding due to their jobs.
  • Almost all the social bookmarking sites are having a good time around with topics regarding the wedding.

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